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Welcome to Kapoor Anand & Associates! A Cost Accountant Firm in Gurgaon. The firm is providing professional services in the various areas, namely Cost Accounting Records - maintenance of cost accounting records, Cost Auditing, Cost Compliance Report, Cost Certification Services, Cost Sheets preparati..

 Cost Accounting

Applicability of Cost Audit:

(1) Every Regulated Sector company shall get its cost records audited if the overall annual turnover of the company from all its products and services during the immediately preceding financ..

 Taxation Services

Goods & Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax throughout India to replace taxes levied by the central and state Governments.          ..

Our Featured Services
Management Consulting

Our management consulting services are:

 Developing relevant MIS for best decision making and controls
 Identifying optimum level

Systems & Internal Controls

Our specialised services are: 

 Designing systems and Internal Controls
 ERP/SAP Designing & Implementation Consulting
 Proper Evaluation of the Deployment Plan and Role Matrix
 Designing & Implementing Standard Operating Processes                            Post Implementation Measures and Reviews

 Internal Audit